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Brewfest 2009

So, we went to Brewfest this year.

I thought it would be nice to go and try some beers because I can never seem to find one that I like, and wish I could.

Where better than a sampling festival? Also, this was the perfect time because there were more selections available thanks to Free The Hops.

Now I can indeed say I have a greater appreciation for beers. For the right beers. I definitely do not enjoy a stout one. The hoppiness has too much bite for me. ;) But many which aren't still have plenty of flavor, and are very smooth!

I also finally took the chance to try Sweetwater Blue, and of course loved it. It doesn't *taste* like blueberry, but you can sure smell it!

Some other ones I made note of liking....
Terrapin Sunray Wheat
Leinies Sunset Wheat
Tommyknocker Male Nut Brown Ale
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