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Homemade Tuna Helper

Homemade Tuna Helper

Heh, I think I will call this concoction "Tina Helper." I went to make dinner last night and was tired and didn't feel like doing anything fancy so went to grab a box of tuna helper. I happened to be out of both tuna AND helper. Yikes! What to do? Didn't feel like coming up with something else, so I improvised:

- this dish tasted great with a pouch of salmon. Chicken of the Sea brand. Not a can, but a pouch. It breaks up into nice, finely sized pieces.
- 2 cups of water
- 1 cup of milk
- 2 tbsp of butter
- 1 pouch of - are you ready for this 'cuz it's the secret ingredient: Lipton Cup o' soup, chicken noodle variety. The kind that you are supposed to mix 3 cups of water with.
- a little added pasta. I used shells but you can throw in whatever. I don't know how much, I know how much to use without measuring. Maybe 1-2 cups.
- a little bit of flour, to help it thicken. A couple teaspoons or so.

Cook just like you would regular Helper! Dump it all in a skillet and cook on med, stirring often, til the pasta is soft and it's starting to thicken up.
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