Nifty Products :)

Finished the list

The list still contained a few less-than-common foods that needed to be consumed. Mission: accomplished!

The Red Pearl had snails and bull frogs in stock, so yes, they have been consumed. Correction. Bull FRAGS! XD

Small, but oh so tasty.

This nice eel also needed a purpose in life, and so, it has been consumed.

And boy, was it fresh. The pic is terrible because I was trying to sneak a shot of the guy behind the counter, and digital zoom sucks, LOL. He wrapped it up all nice and then *WHACK!* It was a very, very fresh eel. (That's someone else's giant squid to the left)

But this wasn't quite enough. There was goat to be had.

And these rose Lassi were umm, interesting!

It was a good food night.
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