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Finally, I found some aloe juice at the Asian Market

which has collagen written on the label too.

(see previous post regarding the health benefits of Aloe Vera)

"Through observation and further tests, scientists have proven that the healing effects of Aloe extend beyond merely soothing sunburn."

Japanese women drink collagen, or Toki, for its youthful rejuvenating properties.  They believe that collagen is an anti-aging product.

But will ingesting it really help?  The secret lies in your body producing it.  Though it is proposed to aid in the repair of collagen and elasin, I don't know the answer to this question, but I know those Japanese women sure do look great on into their old age.  They can't be doing everything wrong.  The Asians eat a much better diet than we Westerners but well, we have to start somewhere, don't we?

Top 10 Benefits of drinking aloe vera juice

10. Great for mouth & gums
9. Sooths
8. Benefits digestion
7. Provides immune support & function
6. Aids in weight loss: cleanses digestive system.  You'll feel better overall and have higher energy.
5. Benefits collagen and elastin repair.
4. Daily dose of minerals
3. Daily dose of vitamins
2. Anti-inflammatory
1. Body-building amino acid blocks are within it

Get it unflavored and mix it with another juice of your liking.
Or just buy it at the Wal Mart pharmacy; it comes in a very palatable berry flavor.  Drink a couple of ounces a day.
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Singapore Mai-Fun

It has been nearly a decade ago, but once upon a time a local Chinese restaurant existed which served Singapore Mai-Fun.  I have never seen it in a restaurant since then.  Sadly, they closed years ago.  I forgot all about this great dish but remembered it and thought I'd try to find a recipe for it.  

I'm glad I looked twice because I FINALLY found an authentic recipe!  

Singapore Mai-Fun

This is a 2-part dish because you also must make the Chinese BBQ pork that goes in it.  And you really cannot forgo this; mixing in the BBQ sauce along with the Sing Chow sauce is really what perfected it, at least for my palate.  So I also found a recipe for the BBQ:


Chinese BBQ Pork

Here they are, together:

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