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Strange Food Day

So, I spent the day yesterday hanging out with David and Sarah, and we watched Bizarre Foods for so long that we decided we had to get out and have our very own food adventure. The place we wanted to eat at was closed for another hour & a half, WAH. But we found in the phone book an Asian market & restaurant. Wow, I've never been to an Asian market, so I was totally in heaven for a while as we browsed before going over to eat! We wanted, of course, to order wacky stuff. They were out of a couple things, including snails! We settled on Crispy Squid, and Clams. Okay squid is just like calamari only bigger pieces so that's not too weird, but oh-so-delicious it was!!! I couldn't believe how delicious the clams were either. Wow!!!!! I want more..... We also ordered their Hot-and-Sour soup and it was soooo much better than you would get at a standard Chinese restaurant. The individual ingredients all had such flavor, especially the pork meat. I bought a basket full of goodies from the store afterwards too, hehe. It was hard to not shop at the Hello Kitty stand....

On to the next! We wanted to go by the Indian restaurant and order the goat, but it was further away than another thought: sushi. Again, not too un-standard fare, but we went for the baby octopus. I've had it once before and it was awful, but theirs was simply scrumptious!!! Evidentially we all have a fond spot for foods that make other people cringe. I ordered pickled bamboo just to see what it was like, and actually really loved it... it tasted great with the Katsuo (bonito). Pieces of fish in its own sauce. Extremely fishy, and they don't often have it in. It would have been a bit much alone but blended so great with the bamboo. We also got a couple other rolls to fill up on: their Super Crunch roll is the best I have ever had. And some martinis to wash it all down with, because they had a most delicious Blueberry, made with puree, and I have a thing for blueberries!

We had to end the adventure there because we were too full, lol. But we went home and after a while, we got snacky again. So we decided to try the Shark Fin soup. NOT delicious. I think the cats would eat it, rofl!!! However the Crab Chips we got to eat with it were really good! ^_^ lol they really are chips with crab meat in them. Potato starch is the main ingredient, so I guess it's a potato chip. The texture made me think of a rice cake at first, but it actually tasted good, rofl.

We ended the day with a nice cup of green tea (from the market of course) with honey and amaretto along with some almond Pocky I got. Mmmm, I like Bizarre Food day.

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