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Ramen Review

Leslie wanted me to keep track of all the ramen noodles I try from the Asian market so we'd know what to buy -- and what NOT to buy -- so here it is: my Ramen Review.

1 forgot but it had 5 packets
(I'll update this if I can figure out what it was later)

2 clear noodles; eaten as a soup

Wow, this one was so simple yet so delicious. I love it. To the last drop.

3 the cabbage one from a previous post
It had chilies in it so it was really hot! Tasted great, a little sour like hot & sour soup. Clear glass noodles.
I don't recommend this one to the average noodle eater, though, lol.

4 Peppered Beef flavor that Leslie ate

We figured this one would be the hottest of all 3 but it was not hot at all, she said. Was good.

5 BBQ Chicken flavor that Steve ate

It was incredibly hot and spicy! Almost melted his face off! Suggested serving is to drain noodles, not eat as a soup.

6 Sesame Chicken flavor

Mmm, this one was tasty. Eaten as a soup. Not spicy. Another one I can just drink the whole bowl of.

7 Tom Yum flavor

I do NOT recommend this one, at all.
This doesn't taste anything at all like Tom Yum soup you'd get at a restaurant. Okay so I figured on that, but I couldn't tell if the slick pieces were fish skin or seaweed. The fishy taste comes from the small pieces of meat in the soup and it's actually seaweed, but I swear it was like eating fish skin if you ate a piece alone.
Oh yeah, and it's hella-spicy.
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