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Greek Food Festival & more Asian market

I'm such a dork. I have to have a blog for everything. I like being able to keep different things separated this way though. Anyway: Saturday. It was a good food day.

So, one of the Greek Food festivals was here this weekend. Me, Steve, and Leslie went on Friday night.

We were impressed that there is no dog in their food. *snicker* (Yes, I know, it means no dogs inside. :P)

Mmm, the smell of roast beast was delicious.

We wanted to go early because they usually run out of certain desserts early. So, I just got a gyro, and of course several desserts. And some grape leaves. Oh, and some wine. It was red sweet dessert wine; how could I resist!?

Saturday, Leslie went with me while I went and got a haircut from Peter. Then we met Tameka & Helena for lunch back at the Greek fest. I got the Pasticho. It sounds like ice cream, but it is pasta! Topped with something sweetish like cream cheese, called bechamel sauce. And it came with spank-a-pita. I mean spanakopita.

Oh yeah and we got some donuts, too. Yum! Swimming in hot honey, sprinkled with cinnamon.

Afterwards, I took Leslie to the asian market afterwards because the yarn store was closed. I knew she'd love it, and she likes to buy her ramen noodles there (how do you think I got the idea?) She got a few but decided to leave the more adventurous moves to me. So, of course she dared me to eat the strangest packet we could possibly find on the shelf:

That package reads "Artificial Pickled Cabbage Fish Flavor", LOL. It also had pickled chilies in there so it was incredibly hot! It was really good, though. Those weird looking things are shallots. I just love how many crazy packets come in the noodles, hehe!!

Finished off with a nice cup of green tea with honey. Mmmm. And some of my Greek dessert, hehe.

I just couldn't leave the market without a couple of bags full of stuff again. Among the contents were something we just HAD to try. A Hello Kitty Collagen-infused juice drink. "WTF?!," we wondered? Apparently, Japanese women drink collagen to stay young & beautiful looking!
I can't think of many old looking Asian women so it can't be bad, right? It was pretty tasty, too. I could drink one every day. It costs a buck a bottle, same price I pay for vitamin water.... oh, and a corn snack this time hehehehe.
And some delicious instant Thai iced tea mix! It needed a shot of cinnamon/sugar powder but was quite nice. Tastes rather like the stuff in the restaurant.

Here's what the "Golden Sweet Corn" looks like out of the bag. (Great use of company assets, eh?) It's good! Tastes & smells just like corn.... go figure!!
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