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Yay more Asian-inspired food lol

Okay, so David came over today to hang out. We decided to make lunch (and later, dinner) and well, most of what's in my pantry right now came from the Asian market, LOL. I'm sure that's no surprise if you've read any other posts in this blog. I swear, I am in love with that place...

So, for lunch we made a stir-fry. I forgot to take a pic of it! I bought a bunch of canned veggies at the market because they're cheaper to buy a big can there, than a tiny one at the regular grocery store. So it had bamboo, mushrooms, water chestnuts, and fresh onion. Served with some stir-fry noodles boiled on the side. And for the meat: chicken and pork cooked in hoisen/soy/peanut sauce, with a shot of Sriracha (Thai hot sauce). Very tasty! I don't know what all else he put in it. Hey, the man can cook OK?

I was inspired by the idea of something I made for dinner earlier this week. I wanted something to go with my awesome crazy noodles so I took chicken and coated it in hoisen & soy, and cooked it with bacon. This soy is not like the stuff you get at the regular grocery, either. It's thick. It's black soy sauce (wow, 3.25 online. Cost me $1.69 :D). "Black soy sauce contains caramel and sugar so that it has a slightly sweet taste and is darker and thicker then thin soy sauce." I chose it among the many brands because it had a dragonfly on the label.... XD but also because it looked really authentic. And I made a great choice.

Okay, so for dinner we pulled out one of my many soup packets I bought. This one: Hot and Sour. It smelled like ASS. (I am not exaggerating. It literally did!) We added some other things to it. He cooked some chicken with some stuff in the sauce and it really added to the soup flavor, which was surprisingly tasty despite the smell, ROFL. Among the add-ins were Shitake mushrooms (rather ironic considering what the soup smelled like...).

Yes, I take pictures of like, everything lately... I just love camera phones...

Oh... almost forgot. Those strange looking things floating in the soup are wontons, hehehe. Pork filled. ^_^
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