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How To Keep Bananas Fresh

Want to keep your bananas from getting brown and mushy?  Here is how Chiquita does it:

Typically, green bunches of bananas are packaged in temperature-controlled boxes of 58 degrees, which delays ripening.

But once they are in the perfectly ripe yellow state, the single bananas are laid on top of one another in boxes that are covered with a semipermeable membrane that allows oxygen to pass through but controls the flow of carbon dioxide to delay ripening until the box is opened.

Once your bananas are nice and ripe, 
Don't store them in a bag that will impede the airflow and trap other gas inside.
Don't store them in the sun.
Don't store them in the refrigerator.

Storing bananas on a banana hanger or hook is the best way to preserve the overall quality of a ripe banana as it avoids "resting bruises."
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