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A Cross-Country Conglomeration

Cross-Country Conglomeration

We talk about food at work a lot. So I started thinking about something I wanted to make tonight. It sounds sort-of strange but I was seeking to create something vaguely resemblant of Surin Baskets (appetizer at Surin West thai restaurant).

And you know what? This actually turned out to be pretty darned good.
I would have taken a pic of it, but I devoured it too fast.

Here it is.

- Brown some ground beef - drain it, then add mexican seasoning. ) I had a packet of Taco Bell chipolte so I used that; it had just the right flavor. I didn't use a whole packet)
- Add 1 small can of corn (drained)
- Add duck sauce and peanut sauce and cook for few minutes. (How much depends on your taste preference. Don't taste it until you put both in, though. The duck sauce is sweet so be careful not to overuse it if you don't like a sweet dish. Then again if you don't like at least a bit of a sweet dish you probably won't like this at all.)
- Remove from heat.
- Add fresh cilantro

- Add grated cheese (really doesn't matter what kind. I had colby-jack.)
- Serve over a soft flour tortilla.

- Top with salsa. Salsa??
I was out of sour cream, else I probably would have put that on there, too, or instead. I'm curious how it might have tasted. But the Salsa definitely added to the flavor, without adding the wrong element, somehow.

I'll have to try variations on this theme to see if I can fine tune anything, but for a trial run, I was pleased.

There is one change I will definitely make next time: the addition of minced peanuts. This will add texture, as well as flavor.
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